About Us

Australian Aperitivo

South Beach Aperitivo was born out of a love of spritz and our own backyard. The Aperitivo is a magical Italian ritual built around sun down, good food and great friends. We wanted to pay an homage to this Italian ritual but do it in a way that celebrates our own, distinct coastal culture in Australia. When we couldn’t find something that we were happy with, we decided to create something ourselves, and so SBA was born

Inspired by the old, made for the new

At the heart of South Beach Aperitivo is a coastal salt bush tea. We brew this up and then add strawberry gum, wild myrtle, cardamom, gentian, grapefruit peel and several other botanicals to create our distinctive flavouring. The flavour is balanced with a natural sweetener before being infused with distilled Australian neutral grain spirit

As an Aperitivo made for today – it was important to us that we kept SBA sugar free, low calorie and low ABV, so it can be enjoyed tonight and not impact tomorrow